CARB phase 2? Why is it important?
The quality of indoor air or IQ is important. In recent months the audience Has become more aware of the importance of what is known as CARB Phase 2.

What is CARB?
CARB is on the California Air Resources Board, also known as Air Resources Board (ARB). It is a department of the Environmental Protection Agency of California. It was founded in 1967 with the aim of maintaining and improving The quality of air and the search for causes and solutions of atmospheric pollution. CARB mandates, such as MDF compatible with CARB 2, are rigorous and usually Are considered standard in the United States.

What is CARB Phase 2?
CARBs Phase 1 and Phase 2 are part of the Wood Products Regulation California Composite (CWP Regulation), which came into force in 2009 with Stage 1. Regulating has to do with the reduction of formaldehyde emissions In composite wood products, hardwood plywood, wood fiber (MDF). At the end of May 2017, the US Government. Has extended the obligation to respect the regulation Carb in phase P2 throughout the United States under Enviromental Protection control Agency (EPA). A transition period for inventory management is envisaged Will end on March 31, 2018, from that date can not be produced and sold materials Of wood that do not conform to the EPA Carb Phase2 standard.