Sinetica proposes a specific offer that includes coordinated products for both aesthetics and functionality.


We were born in 1995, from the experience of an important industrial reality in the furnishing sector, with an important mission: to create stimulating, welcoming and functional workplaces.In 1997 we launched our first product line and attended the first fairs.
In 2001 we launched a program of business development which included the release of models with strong personalities, the result of a strong consistency between design and production, as well as enhancing the communication and sales network. From series production, we turned to extreme personalization of the components with the aim of providing recognizable products. That's how Sinetica was born, and now it's a synonym of reliability.


Sinetica puts all of its values into each piece of furniture and room it designs. Beauty that enriches the space and mind. Team spirit, to bring together many different skills and to create solutions that are different each time. Technology that is friendly to people and to the environment, to make daily living and working better. Correctness, transparency and openness to a global vision are essential attributes of a successful modern company.
All this, in so many different forms, is Sinetica: quality, emotion, responsibility, team spirit, global vision.


Adding value, everywhere!
Sinetica Industries designs and manufactures furniture where comfort, functionality and design come together to create dynamic living spaces delivering wellbeing and sociability. Every office we decorated expresses the most authentic Italian knowhow.

design philosophy

From the reception to the lounge area, from operation offices to executive halls, up to the areas for meetings and conventions, there is a logical and emotional thread binding spaces and people, aesthetics and quality, privacy and communication: Sinetica. A great “work in progress” to furnish the today’s offices, not only by furniture but also by ideas, feedback and attention.