Less than a year after its foundation and the acquisition of 100% of Sinetica Industries, MIG Spa concludes the second operation, thus expanding its presence in the “Made in Italy” world of design.

Jesse`s entry into the Group consolidates the strategy of both MIG Spa and its subsidiaries; that of uniting Italian producers of high quality furniture playing a major role in the interior design in residences and office buildings under one hub, in order to offer an increasing complete range of products and solutions and create productive, managerial and distributive synergies that will enhance the individual Brands of the Group’s companies.

Jesse, established in the 1920s, is an industry with over 90 years of experience and culture in the field of furnishings. The company devotes its creative and productive resources to the definition of a collection of furnishing systems and accessories that reflect a concept of living that is strongly linked to the Italian style and modernity. A concept where every home is an individual dimension and where functional needs are combined with feelings, affinities, and various tastes.

In the near future, further expansion is expected to be achieved by integrating leading companies of which their products are key elements of the interior design world so as to complement the range of products and strengthen the growing size of the Group, which aims to become a new point of reference and a synonym for Italian excellence at an international level.

Sinetica Industries srl will be moving relocated in the coming weeks and will be accommodated into the prestigious Jesse headquarters, designed by the Arch. Mario Mazzer and located in Francenigo (TV).
One of the main advantages of the relocation will be the integration of the production departments and of all the general services, so as to consolidate the synergy between the two companies, which however will remain distinct and specialized in their sales networks and channels, even at the level of the Brands.


The world, life and scenarios change on a daily basis. Say goodbye to strictly defined spaces and roles. Technology offers us new opportunities for connecting, producing, working together and creating, anywhere, anytime, in a more flexible and efficient, but also in a better and more creative manner. Homes and collective spaces are now turning into environments that are versatile, personal, intimate, shared … in a nutshell: “smart”.

Sinetica uses its passion and experience to give shape to this new way of thinking, furnishing and living. A huge “work in progress” adding values and emotions to every space, without barriers in terms of genre and situation: from office spaces to the contract sector to the home. These brand new solutions are dynamic and international, at the same time as conveying the real Italian culture of skilled craftsmanship and good living.

Established in 1995, Sinetica is head of a Holding that currently has around 70 employees, a production area of approximately 20,000 sqm, an ISO 9001-certified quality management system and an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system. Exports account for about 80% of its total turnover, covering 50 different countries around the world.

“Sinetica has always worked towards designing highly creative, emotional and personalised furniture – states Gianmaria Mezzalira, who has been leading this Italian company since 2016 - and every single space that we furnish must be able to express these values, creating an environment where design, comfort and functionality blend together in a unique and “smart” way: not only in the office, but also in the home, contract sector and Horeca channel.”

Based on this philosophy, its experience and the energy of its young, dynamic and efficient team, Sinetica will be presenting its new collections at Orgatec 2016, in an exhibition space that combines technology and furnishings, thus fully expressing its new motto: “smart your life” .

“The evolution of space” – according to the architect and designer Paolo Mantero, who designed Sinetica’s stand and is new art director for the Italian company – creates a series of environments in which home and work life, private and collective life, develop seamlessly. By introducing this new model, Sinetica offers integrated and comprehensive solutions which anticipate market demands and trends, with an all-round vision rather than focusing on single products”.

This new global and “smart” perspective is what stands behind Sintetica’s new products: from its Captain Play, Welcome and Heaven seats to the We Meet, Stay, Use Me system, right through to the Chakra wall.

Paolo Mantero is Art Director of Sinetica Industries
Since April 2016, the architect and designer collaborates with the Italian brand, to express a new philosophy for the office and contract furnishing

Paolo Mantero joins Sinetica Industries with his experience in architecture and design, starting from his studies in Genoa with Mario Botta and the collaboration with Renzo Piano, for the development of office design projects for clients such as Autogrill, Diesel, BNL, Benetton Group.

Since 1999, Studio Mantero, specialized in strategic consulting and design of office environments, operates at an international level with a team of professionals and a multidisciplinary and integrated approach that ranges from design to architecture, up to urban planning.

‘Designing for people is the key concept around which all the projects rotate, with the aim of providing responses that are effective and close to human needs, creating quality, comfortable and environmentally friendly spaces, where it is pleasant to live and work in’.

Based on this philosophy and in line with the new slogan ‘Smart Your Life’, Paolo Mantero accompanies Sinetica industries towards the next goals: not only in the office furniture industry, but also in the contract, home, and hotel industry spaces.

The collaboration with Sinetica Industries includes not only the development of new products, but also the company's image coordination and the design of the Sinetica Stand at the Orgatec fair 2016 in Cologne, to express the new positioning of this dynamic brand with respect to the international market in the name of a Made in Italy that knows how to create and live well.

Short Bio:

Paolo Mantero studied Architecture at the University of Genoa where he was Mario Botta’s pupil and lived his first professional experiences in the studio of Renzo Piano. Subsequently he dealt with corporate image, retail, and product design, consolidating important experience both in Italy and abroad in these areas. In 1995 he moved to Milan, and together with Progetto CMR and Luigi Giffone (‘G’ of DEGW), he developed numerous space planning and interior design projects for major national and international groups, from Honeywell to Canon. In 1999 he opened his own studio in Milan and started, always being particularly attentive to the needs of people and sustainability, an intense project activity, from the Autogrill offices in Milan to the new Diesel Headquarters in Breganze, to his most recent projects for the new offices of the BNL / BNP Group both in Rome and in Milan, and the new offices of the holding company of the Benetton Group in Treviso, together with the architect Tobia Scarpa.

Paolo Mantero is Art Director of Sinetica Industries
The Holding I4Furniture renews its management and strategies

`Smart your life` is the slogan that expresses the will to give this Italian brand an increasingly important role in the furniture industry: office, home, and contract

Gianmaria Mezzalira, already owner of an important family-run entrepreneurial company in the Veneto region, begins a new initiative by acquiring 100% of the Holding I4F capital which includes the brands Sinetica Industries, Office and Company, AD Seating, and the Macedonian manufacturer of metal components MWM, all related to the design, production and distribution of furniture for offices and public environments.

‘Sinetica – says Gianmaria Mezzalira – is a company that has gained a solid experience and presence in 50 countries all over the world, with a solid professional and industrial base to give life to new strategies and new successes in the next future together with the other companies of the group.

Sinetica was founded in 1995 and is the leader of the Holding which currently has about 100 employees, a production area of about 20,000 square meters, an ISO 9001 certified company system for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management, and exports about 80% of the total sales.

‘Oriented since the beginning toward the design of furniture with a strong value of creativity, emotion and personalization – continues Gianmaria Mezzalira – Sinetica is the expression of that typical ‘know-how’ and ‘savoir vivre’ that are typical of the best Made in Italy and that make the difference in the world markets. Every place we furnish must express these values, creating an experience where design, comfort, and functionality come together in a unique and ‘smart’ way: not only in the office, but also in the areas of the house, contract, and horeca’.

Supported by the human and professional qualities of a young, dynamic and effective team, Sinetica sets new goals for the short term concerning revenue growth, but also production flexibility, thanks to major investments in the internal production chain. The R&D department will also be improved, and new partnerships with internationally renowned designers will be created, to add additional design and emotional values to the products.

‘I look at Sinetica as the ‘planet’ around which the other companies of the group will orbit – concludes Gianmaria Mezzalira – and I see this phase as the beginning of a journey of growth in the furniture and design world, which will be completed with acquisitions of other synergistic companies. The goal is to offer an increasingly extensive and comprehensive range of products and solutions, to make this brand a new point of reference and a synonym of Italian excellence at an international level’.