Office furniture gets smart

Smart Design for Smart People

Sinetica Industries has re-invented the concept of office furniture with its collections of ergonomic chairs, meeting tables, desks and units for modern workplaces;

designer creations that overturn the traditional paradigms for office décor and exploit technological innovations to provide modular structures suitable for today’s world of work.

Our projects modify operational and executive space to provide the flexibility required to compete on international markets and effectively adapt to users’ needs.  This is what we mean by smart office decor.

The unmistakeable quality of design made in Italy

Our furniture is designed to improve workplaces and make them suitable for the constantly changing dynamics of modern workplaces. Sinetica Industries’ creations exalt the unmistakeable seal of quality typical of Italian goods with a series of well-defined, original projects. Our office furniture is skilfully made, taking advantage of technology, but not forgetting our past experience as artisans.

The values we believe in

Making office decor items and furniture is never just a simple, mechanical operation, and that’s why every Sinetica Industries’ creation encapsulates fundamental values such as:

  • Knowledge of the latest trends in design and architecture
  • Competence acquired over time, and problem-solving skills
  • Research and development to find the best materials and production methods
  • Quality as the main objective of every project
  • Creativity, typically Italian, of art directors and designers
  • Responsibility towards customers
  • Environmental sustainability for our production processes

Success in numbers

The strength of Sinetica Industries is in its numbers: over 100 workers in production facilities of approximately 20,000 m², with a storage area of 15,000 m³. An in-house upholstery shop and close cooperation with leading producers of metal components make for a lean, flexible production process, ideal for responding promptly to market demands. Sinetica Industries’ office furniture and other products are sold in over 94 countries throughout the world, and approximately 80% of our overall turnover comes from exports.

Smart Design for Smart People