New Collections Catologue 2019

25 June 2019 News

Sinetica represents the furniture concept for offices and work environments with its collections of meeting tables, executive and operator desks, office storage units and solutions for Smart Working. These design creations overturn traditional office furnishing schemes, exploiting technology and offering solutions suited to the current world of work.

Office furniture becomes contemporary and smart, also thanks to collaboration with other brands in the MIG Group, which Sinetica joined in 2016.

The company has successfully used the connections it has made, taking inspiration from each one. And the outcome is amazing!

After presenting its latest products for the office and work environment, Sinetica is now launching its new catalogue, a complete overview of the entire collection that gives a new twist to contemporary work environments: spacious and bright, open and shared spaces; comfortable and attractive areas to make the time spent in the office as pleasant and serene as possible.

Sinetica has created spaces where the main focus is the wellbeing of its workers: soft neutral colours, relaxing for the eyes, and natural materials. The workplace becomes attractive and comfortable, and the furniture designed for Smart Working stations in your own home blends in naturally with the existing furniture, thanks to collaborations and fusions that are created between the brands in the Group, where each one influences the others, thus allowing the right inspiration to be found for new collections.