Safety Screen Sinetica

20 June 2020 News

The last few months have been intense from all points of view and Sinetica R&D team has worked constantly to develop new solutions in order to improve your work environments even in a weird situation like the one we have been coping with lately.

Our operative collections such as Diamond Evo, Frame Evo and Stay are modular and extremely customizable and already ensure flexibility that is required in work station area today.

For this reason, we have decided to focus on the development of a protective screen system that can be integrated with our Diamond Evo, Frame Evo, Stay, A4, A5, Staff and Ekko collections, with a quick installation that will help you with all offices protection in a short time.

The new anti-droplet Safety Screens are available in both front, side and terminal versions to guarantee maximum safety in the workplace.

The fixing system consists of clamps which ensure stability as well as an easy assembling. The fixing system is in epoxy powder painted metal and it is available in white, black, lead grey and aluminum finishes.

The material we have chosen for this product is glass, not only because we pay special attention to the environment, but, above all ,because glass is, among all the materials, the most safety certified compared to other solutions such as Plexiglas or polycarbonate.

The glass is scratch resistant, inexpensive and recyclable. Last but not least, the glass is easy to sanitize and does not turn yellow or get color changed with any kind of cleaning treatment.

The glass is 5 mm thick tempered with rounded corners and it is available in transparent and satin finishes.

According to the regulations and mostly to protect people health, we have to quickly adapt and requalify the work spaces to get them safety guaranteed for our workers.