Smart Working, Best Practices for Work from Home

30 April 2020 Blog

The forced quarantine period we are experiencing has accelerated a series of changes slowly processing in the workplace, making them happened from day to day.

The working life is approaching a new dimension where people had to learn how to move quickly in this unexpected moment. In this context, the technology lends us a hand to keep us active and reactive.

Until recently, there was a big distinction between workplace and home place, but now, a merger between these two worlds is taking place, carrying positive and negative aspects that we are exploring.

A good organization in the smart working helps us to maintain a high efficiency level  of our work and, at the same time, it enables us to take full advantage of this period to dedicate more time to our family or to other matters. 

So, these are the best practices for Sinetica! 




The first step, and the most important, is to identify the more suitable space in the home to create your workspace 

We suggest you avoid the kitchen or the bedroom which are spaces often associated with moments of rest and relax which can adversely affect the focus and the attention to the activities to be carried out.   

Obviously, if you have a room used as an office, this will be the ideal choice to arrange your workplace.

Otherwise, it will be necessary to create a space in the living room, well-lit and free of distraction from TV or audio equipment.

The important is to keep order in the area and have all the material needed on hand exactly like in the office.




Most probably, the table of your living room, will be your desk.
It is important to find the right combination of tabletop and the chair.  

The best position must allow to stretch your legs and lean your arms creating an angle of 90° at the level of the elbow.

The laptop or the monitor shall be placed at a distance from a minimum of 50 cm to a maximum of 70 cm according to the dimension of the screen.  

The chair must keep your spine straight and it must ensure that the neck is perpendicular to the tabletop while working.
If the screen is too low, it is better to use a box or some books or buy an adjustable support. 




The difficulty in monitoring the times and the activities can lead us to feel less productive and consequently drive us to skip the rest stops that would be considered necessary in our normal work routine.

It is important then to maintain the same working time and stops that we generally have when we are at our office. 

The planning of activities through a “to do list”, may help you
granting the efficiency and carrying forward the completion of
the tasks scheduling.






One of the most appreciated things of the smart working is to feel free of wearing more casual clothes; but now more than ever, it is important to separate work from private life.

For this reason, wear comfortable clothes that we would have used also at office, allowing us to enter on the mood of the daily working routine and making you feel comfortable also during the video calls.