13 Окт

Workspace Expo Paris 2021

С 5 по 7 октября группа MIG приняла участие во французском мероприятии Workspace Expo Paris, представив последние инновации группы с целью сформировать новый способ интерпретации офисного пространства настоящего и постпандемического будущего. Различия между домашней и офисной средой постепенно уменьшаются, и целью является гуманизация рабочих мест для восстановления благополучия и продуктивности. На выставке был представлен ряд […]

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15 Сен

Milano Design Week 2021

Le porte dello showroom MIG MILANO, situato nell’esclusiva via della Spiga 48, si sono riaperte in occasione dell’ultima edizione della Milano Design Week, per presentare le ultime novità delle aziende del Gruppo e per mostrare il nuovo volto dello spazio espositivo: un layout esclusivo, progettato in collaborazione con l’architetto Massimiliano Mornati. Sinetica ha presentato anche […]

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06 Май

The Medelan

Strong of a deep knowledge of the residential market, Milano Contract District makes its debut in the office sector and brings to Milan an initial representation of “resimercial design”, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular also in Italy, based on the idea of transferring the convenience and comfort of residential environments to the office, […]

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catalogo nuovi rivestimenti
10 Ноя

New range of finishes

SINETICA launches its new range of finishes; a selection that reflects the contemporary image of SINETICA and its awareness to environmental and sustainability issues. Regarding the fabrics, we propose you 13 different categories for a total of 162 variants: a very wide selection that will grant you the possibility of choosing among many textures. The […]

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20 Июн

Safety Screen Sinetica

The last few months have been intense from all points of view and Sinetica R&D team has worked constantly to develop new solutions in order to improve your work environments even in a weird situation like the one we have been coping with lately. Our operative collections such as Diamond Evo, Frame Evo and Stay […]

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17 Июн

New MIG showroom in Milan

From the 18th June open his door the new MIG showroom in Via della Spiga in Milano. It is a space designed to live an experience, to welcome suggestions and find inspiration. A path to be experienced individually immersed in the design and culture of doing typical of four historic Italian furniture and lighting companies. An exclusive […]

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15 Апр

Sinetica’s operation

30TH APRIL 2020 UPDATE Starting from 4th May, Sinetica Industries will get back to its working, logistic and production activities. Before re-opening , we activated all measures to ensure to our employees and clients the maximum safety. For this reason, some people of our Team will go on working from home, endeavoring to promptly respond to […]

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15 Окт

New showroom in Beijing

On October 17th at 6.00 pm the new HWS headquarters, the Chinese giant for office furniture, cuts the ribbon with a permanent exhibition of Sinetica and the other MIG’s products. 1500 square meters of offices for a live showroom, because the space houses the HWS offices. So, we’re talking about a real and not a […]

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25 Июн

New Collections Catalogue 2019

Sinetica represents the furniture concept for offices and work environments with its collections of meeting tables, executive and operator desks, office storage units and solutions for Smart Working. These design creations overturn traditional office furnishing schemes, exploiting technology and offering solutions suited to the current world of work. Office furniture becomes contemporary and smart, also thanks […]

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