New range of finishes

catalogo nuovi rivestimenti
10 ноября 2020 news

SINETICA launches its new range of finishes; a selection that reflects the contemporary image of SINETICA and its awareness to environmental and sustainability issues.

Regarding the fabrics, we propose you 13 different categories for a total of 162 variants: a very wide selection that will grant you the possibility of choosing among many textures.

The collections Chili by Gabriel, Xtreme Plus by Camira and Iris by Rada  meet the criteria of sustainability, being largely composed of recycled polyester without losing the softness touch and the irregular appearance that natural fibers usually have.

We underline the Active Plus fabric, an exclusive of the MIG Group, which meets the needs of this delicate historical period . This brand new fabric is characterized by a permanent Sanitized® treatment, a long-lasting hygienic function that protects against the bacteria, molds and mites without changing the material properties.

For the ranges of Leather and eco-leather we selected two important partners: Flusko and Dani.

Two eco-leathers and three leathers collections for a sophisticated choice, to express the elegance of our products and get your projects unique and timeless.

The wide choice of finishes  fits perfectly with our products selection allowing all our clients to find always the perfect solution for any project.