New showroom in Beijing

15 октября 2019 Eventi

On October 17th at 6.00 pm the new HWS headquarters, the Chinese giant for office furniture, cuts the ribbon with a permanent exhibition of Sinetica and the other MIG’s products.

1500 square meters of offices for a live showroom, because the space houses the HWS offices. So, we’re talking about a real and not a virtual showroom, where people really live spaces. In the era of relationships and truth, this seems to be the new Stores’ frontier to guide choices and purchases: experiences from the real world.

The one between MIG and HWS is an epochal agreement. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou, as well as Beijing, HWS will cover the whole territory of the Asian country, reaching even the most inland areas.

The partnership was possible thanks to the sharing of important values: at home as in workplace, people well-being is the main goal. The quality of materials, design, colors and light is useful to create exciting environments where it is nice to come in every morning and go out at night with the desire to come back.

HWS Spaces
3F Block C, Yard No.8
Dongfengnan Road, Chaoyang District
Pechino CHINA