Sinetica’s operation

15 апреля 2020 news


Starting from 4th May, Sinetica Industries will get back to its working, logistic and production activities.

Before re-opening , we activated all measures to ensure to our employees and clients the maximum safety.

For this reason, some people of our Team will go on working from home, endeavoring to promptly respond to your requests as they have done until now.

To have information on your orders, we kindly ask you to keep in contact with your reference person at his/her e-mail address.

We thank you for the collaboration and for the great support you gave us during this period of emergency. It is thanks to you and to the sense of responsibility of each of us if we can come back to our activities.

Thank you!


We are facing an important challenge for our Country and mostly for our health, but this does not stop us from being close to our clients.

In accordance with the DPCM (Ministerial Decree), we have been forced to suspend our production and logistic activities, but, at the same time, we put in place all measures to minimize the inconvenience for our clients and suppliers.

We immediately activated smart working ensuring the continuity of our services, particularly the Customer Care, to provide you constant help during an exceptional moment like this.

At the same time, we arranged for the sanitation of all our premises to be ready at the time we will re-open.

Sinetica and its staff, we thank you for your collaboration and for the great support you are giving us in this particular moment of emergency.